Of all the apostles, Paul stands out as the one who was the traveler par excellence. His journeys through the length and breadth of the ancient world are nothing short of remarkable and given the difficulties of traveling in these times, let alone the animosity and danger he faced trying to convert populations to the new faith, it is a credit to the endurance and tenacity of the man that he accomplished as much as he did.

1. Day: Arrival to Antalya

2. Day: Anamur

3. Day: Tarsus

4. Day: Paul’ Grot

5. Day: Cappadocia

6. Day: Göreme

7. Day: Iconium

8. Day: Antioch in Pisidia

9.Day: Antalya

10.Day: Perge

11.Day: Return

* Transfers, suitable Excursions and round trips, with Air-conditioned Coaches

* 10 overnights in 4 * up to 5 * Hotels (land type) with Air-condition and partly

Also with Swimming Pool

* Double Room with Bath or Shower and WC

* Half Board (Breakfast and Diner) partly as open Buffet

* Qualified, educated, official, English speaking Guides

* All entrance fees

* Welcome cocktail

* All tips and park coast

1. Day: Welcome to Antalya

Flight to Antalya. Your guide will meet and accompany you to your hotel. With a refreshing drink you will get the first information. Overnight in Antalya.

2. Day: Anamur

We will travel along the panoramic coast to the east. On the way we will visit the Anamur Castle, situated directly on sea. We drive further to Korykos and visit a grot named “Paradise and Hell”. In Silifke the ancient Seleucia at Saleph (Apg. 13,4), we glance the town where the Emperor Barbarossa had in 1190 drowned. Afterwards we visit the Monastery of saint Thekla, lived in Iconium but buried here. Overnight is in Silifke.

3. Day: Tarsus

We will drive to Tarsus (Apg 9,11;9,30;11,25), hometown of St. Paul and see the

“St. Paul fountain” and the Cleopatra’s Gate as well. We drive on awful Cilicias lowlands over Mersin to Antakya, ancient Antioch in Orontes (Apg 11,19-27,13,4).

By evening we have possibility of a meeting with a Christian community. Two overnights in Antakya.

4. Day: Paul’s Grot

Today we will visit the famous Archeological Museum, it has one of the major Roman mosaics collection; later on we see the Paul’s Grot. It has officially avowed by Vatican that the Grot is oldest church of Christianity and initiating the Paul’s legend.

5. Day: Cappadocia

The way goes through Cilicia’s Gate to the Cappadocia (Apg 2,9; Petr 1,1). Amongst the Anatolia’s plateaus countless volcanic activities and everlasting erosion built a seldom landscape. Craggy valleys, sharp crevices and starkly slopes which are full with rubble, exchanged with soft, almost organic looking rocks straightened because of rain and wind. Two overnights in Cappadocia.

6. Day: Valley of the fossilized Servicemen

The fascinating tour is going through the valley of fossilized servicemen. After a photo break we visit the dovecote part, which is close to Uçhisar. Than we have chance to visit the Göreme. (UNESCO World Heritage Centre) The highest density of Cappadocia’s mural painting is in Göreme, which is a valley not far from same named village. The open air museum nestles twelve churches, which have extensive preserved mural paintings. Afterwards you will continue to Simeon valley, which has the best fairy chimneys of Cappadocia. Afterwards we ramble to the Roses valley (2.hrs. easy) and visit an underground city. These cities are originated in the Phrygian’s time and later advanced by Byzantine’s. They provided the retreat by eventuality of enemy’s and it could bolt by attack from inside with closure-stones.

7. Day: Iconium

We will drive over Aksaray to Sultanhan, the best preserved caravansary of Seljuk’s period. The way goes to Konya, ancient Iconium, (Apg. 13,51-14,1-7,19; Tim. 3,11; Lysra Apg. 14,6-23;1-5;2) the hometown of Whirling Dervishes and saint Thekla. We will visit the Mevlana Convert and Lystra. Overnight is in Konya.

8. Day: Antioch in Pisidia

We fallow the marks of St. Paul and reach to the Yalvaç. There we visit the former center of power and glory (Apg. 13,14). Later on we drive to Pamukkale and visiting the Hierapolis (Kol 4,13). Overnight is in Pamukkale.

9. Day: Antalya

Today we are visiting Laodicea (Offbg 3, 14-22) the last of the seven churches of Revelation than near standing Colossae (Kol 2,1;4,13-16). We will drive through impressive panorama of Taurus Mountains to Antalya. Finally we will have break at Carpet Weaving Center and see the story of how carpets are made. We will learn the steps made from the raw material, silk, wool and cotton, right through to the finished product. Two overnights in Antalya.

10. Day: Perge & Aspendos

Road continues through the extraordinary landscape of south coast to Aspendos; which still has the reputation of being the best preserved theater of Antiquity. Afterwards we will visit the Perge, an important city of Pamphylia. After the Trojans war the Ancient Greeks shaped the city with their ideas and culture and Perge enjoyed a golden age. Remnants of this time are still visible in the form of the wide Colonnaded Road, the huge Stadium and the City Gates.

11. Day: Güle Güle

Like the words say; we wish that you will farewell with smiling and with beautiful memories from Turkey. Till next time…