From Istanbul to Antalya

Turkey is a conflation of several civilizations. You will experience how the tradition into the modern flows and near by still alive remains. The byword: “who drinks the water of Bosporus, will always thereafter thirsty” will last also for you forever.

1. Day: Arrival to Istanbul

2. Day: Hagia Sophia – Chora Church

3. Day: Topkapı Palace – Bosphorus Trip

4. Day: Trojan – Assos

5. Day: Pergamon

6. Day: Hierapolis

7. Day: Aspendos – Perge

8. Day: Return or begin the seaside vacation in Antalya

* Transfers, suitable Excursions and round trips, with Air-conditioned Coaches

* 7 overnights in 4 * up to 5 * Hotels (land type) with Air-condition and partly

Also with Swimming Pool

* Double Room with Bath or Shower and WC

* Half Board (Breakfast and Diner) partly as open Buffet

* Qualified, educated, official, English speaking Guides

* All entrance fees

* Welcome cocktail

* All tips and park coast

1. Day: Welcome to Istanbul

Flight to Istanbul. Your guide will meet and accompany you to your hotel. With a refreshing drink you will get the first information. With group diner in a traditional restaurant you will taste the Turkish kitchen for first time. Three overnights in Istanbul.

2. Day: History comes to Life

Still today you can see the Marks of past. Hagias Sophia, the holly wisdom, the head Church of Byzantine Empire and religious center of Orthodoxy. The Blue Mosque is not only a beautiful building with a fascinating history but it is also the only mosque in the world with six minarets. Chora Church is the one of the best example for a Byzantine church.

3. Day: Life of Sultans

The Topkapı Palace was hundreds of year’s residence and administration place for Sultans. It accommodates collection of porcelain, Handwritings, Portraits, Jewelers and Weapons from Ottoman Empire; also Islamic Works like weapons of Muhammad and the first Caliphs, one of the oldest examples of Koran, and also beard hair of Prophet Muhammad. With a boat trip we experience the shining marvelous beauty of Bosporus along Rumeli Castle, Summerhouses, Palaces between Europe and Asia.

4. Day: Iliad of Homer

Journey is continuous with bus over the Dardanelles to the Asia Minor. Driving to Trojan, which is a Hellenistic city in Çanakkale. Here we will see the home of Trojan Horse documented in Homers “Iliad”. The remains of ancient Trojan were excavated by archeologist Heinrich Schliemann in 1871, all those keeping the ancient myths and memories awake in this city and transforming the history from thousands years ago to present. Afterwards we will visit Assos, an ancient city from Bronze time. Overnight is in Ayvalık

5. Day: Castle of Pergamon

Pergamon is one of the best impressing cities of the Asia Minor. We will visit the Acropolis which is located on a hill and accommodates remains of Altar of Zeus, Herons Buildings and Monumental Tombs .The most significant remains of the ancient city are; Asklepion and Sanatorium. The way goes inland to Pamukkale. And we will visit the famous limestone terraces. Overnight is in Pamukkale.

6. Day: Hierapolis

Pamukkale is famous not only for the extraordinary beauty of its unique geological formations, but also for its historical remains of Hierapolis which is located directly on top of the travertines. Finally we will have break at Carpet Weaving Center and see the story of how carpets are made. We will learn the steps made from the raw material, silk, wool and cotton, right through to the finished product. Not only good preserved ruins but also magnificent foundation makes the Aphrodisias one of the famous archeological city of east Mediterranean at Greco-Roman time. Two overnights in Antalya.

7. Day: Aspendos and Perge

Road continues through the extraordinary landscape of south coast to Aspendos; which still has the reputation of being the best preserved theater of Antiquity. Afterwards we will visit the Perge, an important city of Pamphylia. Ancient remains around the “Kestros” river which runs near the Acropolis, made the city like a port, while it was possible to navigate. After the Trojans war the Ancient Greeks shaped the city with their ideas and culture and Perge enjoyed a golden age. Remnants of this time are still visible in the form of the wide Colonnaded Road, the huge Stadium and the City Gates.

8. Day: Return

You can begin the seaside vacation in Antalya or return flight.